Sustainability goals update: January

I’ve decided to do a monthly round-up of how i’m tracking in relation to my sustainability goals (if you missed my first post you can find it here) so as to keep me accountable and also document the successes and failures of this venture. It’ll also be great to reflect back on once the year is up and something other people can hopefully use too if they ever do something similar.

So seeing as one month of the year is already complete (craaazy right?!) and we are in fact in February already, here’s a look back over the January just gone. 

Avoid disposable plastics and plastics in general

Plastic sucks and it is seriously everywhere! You really have to be prepared and committed, to avoid it and in doing so be different, in order to stick at it. Because this is already proving harder than anticipated. Directly I am responsible for plastic packaging from a gift*, a parcel bag, clothing tag, and two straws from two separate occasions. I say directly because these are items that I paid for and could have avoided the plastic if i had been a bit more prepared. 

*- This was a gift to me, so i didn’t pay for it, but it became mine anyway. Along with the plastic.


My plastic jar and it’s contents

Indirectly I am probably partly responsible for a whole lot more plastic which I haven’t accounted for. Again it’s the whole dilemma of living differently to the people that I am currently living with i.e my family. It’s a bit unfeasible for me to go out and buy all of ‘my-own’ plastic free things that no-one else can use but me. For one thing it’s expensive and another thing it’s excluding me from my family and would frankly be rather rude. 

So it’s really quite tricksy determining what should go into my plastic jar, whether i’m responsible or not.

The straws though I could have totally avoided and am annoyed that I didn’t. On two separate occasions going out with friends I ordered a drink and just simply forgot to ask for no straw. It’s just automatic nowadays to get a straw with your drink (unless its a hot drink of course) and is really easy to avoid them by simply asking. But I forgot. Twice. And so now I have two straws in my jar, and hopefully they will be the last!

Buy nothing new

Ah yes, well, i must confess i have bought something new. The parcel bag and clothing tag rather give it away don’t they? Let me explain. I won a voucher for a clothing brand late last year and was yet to use it. End of year sale, reduced prices, so i decided it was time to use it. I purchased a sports bra with the voucher and really only had to pay $2.50 + postage for it as the voucher covered the rest. I didn’t consider it buying something new at first because well, it wasn’t really me buying it, as it was the gifter of the voucher who had forked out the money.


The culprit

But in reality it was a new piece of clothing. It didn’t come from a second-hand shop. To be honest though i’m not that beaten up about it though, because I was needing a sports bra and I think it’d be a waste for the voucher not to be used. Still pondering it all though.


January was a completely vegetarian month. Yay! It’s been quite easy adapting to a vegetarian lifestyle and i’ve quite enjoyed it. I will say though that in the last week or so i have been a bit more tired of late and with a previous history of being on the lower side iron-wise, it’s blood test and off to the doctors for me! I probably just need to balance out what i’m eating more, making sure i eat more iron-dense foods such as amaranth and spinach, or might need to take a supplement, which i’m cool with. We’ll see what the results say and go from there.

Maintain my veggie garden

Tomato seedlings- yay!

Well, i can gladly report that it is looking slightly better than last time! Though to be honest not too much has happened in the garden. Our zucchini plant has finished, so that’s gone now, and so too is most of our lettuce. The basil plant has been pretty plentiful (mhmm pesto) but has now gone to seed, which means it’ll be done soon, but i’ve got some seedlings ready to replace it.

One Sunday i went through all our seed packets and threw into the garden all the out-of-date seeds, some over 5 years old, in the hope that some may germinate. And they have! 

Thing is though i don’t remember what went where. 

I kinda just did the wild scattering of the seed thing like a pigeon feeder in the city. So now i have little seedlings everywhere, some which are identifiable some not. Again another wait and see thing, but i’m pretty certain that we have some cucumber, tomatoes, radish and a LOT of carrots.


Shonky photo but these are the suspect carrots (if they really are carrots)

Now let’s see how February goes!


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