Sustainability Goals Update: February


Cherry Guava’s found growing on my campus.

So I’m a bit late in doing this. Just a bit. March is in fact almost finished and I’m only just getting over February.

It’s going to be a super quick year.

I think the reason why I’m struggling to write posts is simply time. Ugh it just so irresponsibly runs away from me ALL THE TIME! Just not enough hours in the day, and i’m yet to sacrifice my precious sleep for it so i’ll just continue to try and reign in the naughty thing. Any who, I regress..

February! Well i’ll jump straight into it…

Avoid disposable plastics and plastics in general


I collected a total of six plastic items during February. SIX! And the most unfortunate thing was that in most cases I threw it away, just completely forgetting that it even was plastic and that I had used it. First up, packaging from a new shirt. This was a shirt I received as a part of my new role as Community Advisor in the Academy at my University, so of course to be professional we all got some fancy shirts. In plastic. I do quite like the shirt and it will get used, but it was kinda like “Oh poo” when i received it all wrapped in plastic with plastic tags to boot. Wasn’t much I could do about that one unfortunately. 

Another piece I collected was a produce bag. The zucchini’s automatically came in it, already packaged up as the were reduced priced seconds. I could try and justify that saving food-waste kinda outweighs the plastic but reality is it’s still another piece of plastic in my possession that I can’t avoid. Apart from the unfortunate fact that I actually threw it away (truth: it got recycled).

But the one-serve peanut butter container I could have done something about! Darn my obsessive love of the nutty spread! At a training retreat, breakfast buffet, one-serve condiments, you get the drift. Used upon a piece of toast to satisfy my PB-loving soul and then into the bin the little container did go. It probably wasn’t until later that afternoon that I realised I had actually used plastic. Major “D’oh!” moment. And another such moment was similarly had using one of those free bathroom soaps at a motel on another trip later in the month. 


Final (two) pieces of plastic came curtesy of a piece of second-hand clothing I bought on eBay. The parcel satchel was of course made of plastic, and this I accepted and acknowledged would happen (is there a way around this when buying online?) but then the clothes themselves came in a plastic bag within the plastic satchel. Lovely. 

Buy nothing new:

Apart from food which you can’t really buy secondhand anyway I don’t really buy much stuff truth be told, so this one is progressing rather nicely. Clothes really are the only things I do buy and I’m finding it quite easy to get stuff (good stuff too!) second-hand. So in February I bought myself a nice pair of second hand cullotte-style pants from eBay. Plus they are actually an ethically made product to boot from an awesome label so I was quite happy with the double win of second-hand and ethical!


Love me vegetables. Though I will say i’m struggling to keep the cooking creative when it comes to dinner in particular, as I do have to cook it myself rather then just share in with the family what mum cooks. So I have kinda reverted to having the same dish over and over for multiple dinners (Bibimbap anyone?) and also snacking on the same thing over and over (muggins are the bestest, look them up), which does tend to get a bit boring after while. That and I did get a massive craving to have bacon one day. But i’m getting there!

Maintain my veggie garden:

This is still the hardest one by far. Just because there is always something to do in the garden, and don’t always have the time to do those things. What is really needed is a whole day just dedicated to getting stuck into the garden, weeding, planting, organising, mulching, pruning, soil amending and watering. Pretty much a working bee. Because some parts are productive, others not, mostly on the merit of the plants themselves that are in fact productive because I haven’t done much with them. Our seedlings that came up last month haven’t been able to get that far simply because a rogue tomato jumped the gun and stole all the sunlight as it grew and spread across the bed, shading out the other seedlings. We got tomatoes but haven’t got much else from it. Again, could have stopped the tomato but eh i was lazy and time-poor. We got tomatoes at least.

So March’s update I hope to be bringing to you soon rather then later, so expect something in the next week or two! There will also be more photo’s in that post to make up for the lack of them in this one!