Sustainability Goals Update: March

Another month flown by, another update! If things seem vague it’s simply because I’ve forgotten ha, but I’ve now created a system whereby I jot things down during the actual month to write when the month is done, so I’m not stuck thinking ‘what did I actually do???’

Reduce plastic use:

Three items! Much better than the last month, with my jar only collecting:

  • A plastic bag + packaging from items bought from Go Vita
  • Snack wrapper

The culprits

So the plastic bag, as with any plastic bag, was totally avoidable on my part. It is seriously that split second when you look away or begin to day dream and before you know it-wham!- you’ve just been handed a plastic bag. And the items I bought did not need a plastic bag to carry them. Two little glass jars of essential oils? They could have easily just fit in my handbag. In the packaging of the essential oils is the second bit of plastic, with a little plastic screen in the box, plus a plastic lid for the oil containers. But in actual fact the oils tiny amount of plastic helped me avoid a bigger amount of plastic. You see I was using the oils to make toothpaste (well, powder really).

Say what?! You can make your own toothpaste? Yes, yes you can. Following the guidelines from the lovely Rogue Ginger I made up my very own tooth powder and can gladly say that it is working quite well thank you very much. It allows me to not buy a plastic tube of paste and also know all the ingredients which I stick in my mouth.


Image from RogueGinger

Plus the ingredients (bi-carb, cinnamon, essential oils + coconut oil) can all be bought in bulk and you only use a little to make a lot, so it is quite cost effective too! 


Oh and the plastic snack wrapper was from a Middle Eastern sweet I tried from a friend. Basically a rose petal muesli bar, it was nice, but yep, wrapped in plastic. Another one of those incidental moments when you just don’t realise it till later (I threw out the packaging too).

Buy nothing new:

I actually didn’t buy anything this month at all. I literally had to check my online banking statement to check if I had bought anything because i couldn’t remember if I had or had not! But alas my only expenses were the essential oils, which yes, were new but isn’t something you can really buy second hand anyway. And of course the usual petrol and occasional food items. 

I did however, and this fits into this category kinda, receive some new things on my birthday. I did say to my parents I didn’t want anything, but still receive stuff anyway. Mind you the clothes I got were too small so they want to my sister. But books, chooks (still coming actually), and a lunch-bag was what I received.



I read this super interesting book on vegetarianism during the beginning of March. “The vegetarian myth” by Lierre Keith was a very, very interesting read. I stumbled across its recommendation in the back of a Sarah Wilson cookbook of all things. Coming from a background of veganism herself Keith breaks down the typical arguments vegetarians and vegans have for not eating meat and/or animal products. 

Broken up into chapters on each of these points, ethics, nutrition, and environmental, Lierre argues some strong convincing points as well as some (in my opinion) bordering on conspiracy theory (read: ridiculous) points. Some of the points I loved was from a systems view of things that “plants eat too”, in fact plants eat animals including us and actually can’t function without minerals and nutrients derived from the decomposition of animal materials. Removing animals from agriculture will eventually starve us all. 

She also very carefully explained that what is suitable and ‘sustainable’ for us to eat is very much tied up in the characteristics of our local climate and environment. For everyone to just grow vegetarian protein instead of animal protein or a combo of both would be detrimental and absolutely environmentally unsuitable for some places. This article (conversation) totally hits the nail on the head with it.

Overall I did enjoy reading it, but definitely took all the things said with a grain of salt (especially the ‘agriculture is responsible for war’ bit) also seeing as some of the facts and studies quoted are now a bit out of date. It was published in 2009. I would still recommend it to people to read though, especially if considering the qualms surrounding eating meat.


Some wins for the garden-hurrah!


Beetroot seedlings- a success!

Able to harvest a couple of radishes from my wild seed adventures a while back, unfortunately though the only thing that did really take (the carrots forever stayed as seedlings). Our wild pumpkin has truly gone wild, taking over a good chunk of the garden and now making its way up and over the chicken coop. Currently we have a grand total of three pumpkins on the vine- at least their mammoth size makes up for their limited number!


We’ve also had a lot of our herbs having babies, that is, sprouting up new mini-versions of themselves next to their Mother plants. As such my best friend, who just moved out of home, has received a number of plant-y gifts. The joys of having plants! 

Still a lot to work on in the garden though, let’s be honest!

Until next time folks! Xx


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